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Cuban Cigar Website é uma enciclopédia de referência para colecionadores de charutos cubanos. É de propriedade privada e operado como um hobby.

Este site não é afiliado a nenhum negócio de varejo de charutos. Nenhum produto de tabaco é vendido através deste site e ele não anuncia produtos de nenhuma natureza. Não há anúncios de qualquer tipo em qualquer lugar neste site e nenhum link para qualquer varejista aparece em qualquer lugar em suas páginas.

Ele simplesmente contém informações factuais e históricas.

The website is supported entirely by donations, with the shortfall covered from the personal funds of its owner. Maintaining and updating the site is costly, both in time and money. If you feel like you get value from Cuban Cigar Website, please consider donating.

Website History

This website was created in 2006 by Trevor Leask as a definitive reference for Cuban cigar collectors.

In 2008 Alexander Groom joined the team to improve the technical infrastructure of the site, moving it from a flat HTML structure to a custom database driven application, and adding a search function (among other features).

In 2010 a project updating all cigar imagery to around 250dpi was carried out.

In 2012 Alexander Groom took over day-to-day updating of the website and the answering of email enquires etc.

In 2013 the search function was dramatically enhanced, enabling highly detailed searches by packaging type, specific release categories, and many other things. A list of discontinued brands existing before the 1960 Revolution was also added.

In 2014, Trevor Leask formally retired from the site, handing ownership to Alexander Groom. Trevor still maintains an interest in the site in a consultative capacity. Around this time the site was also cosmetically redesigned, and the collection management feature was added, allowing users to track their inventory, write reviews and compile wish-lists on the site itself.

On 7th December, 2016 a catastrophic failure at the data centre that hosts Cuban Cigar Website led to a total loss of all data related to the site. Over the next few months it was rebuilt from cached versions, launching in a limited form in March 2017. The site had returned to full functionality by June of that year.

As of 2019, all new photography is being done in super high resolution (800-1000dpi). Older cigars will gradually be updated.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Patrick Chan generously volunteered to translate the website into Chinese.

Updating the Website

Correct and up-to-date information is the lifeblood of this website.

Can you provide missing information, such as dates that packaging was discontinued, background history to releases, etc.?

Have you seen any errors or omissions?  Do you have any suggestions or requests?

Can you supply images of special releases, packaging, etc. missing from the website, or can you supply better images?

In all instances, please contact me.


Cuban Cigar Website takes 10-20 hours a week to keep updated, and costs more than $1,000 a year in hosting and infrastructure alone. To keep the photography on the site to a high quality requires the purchase of every new cigar that is released, which costs several thousand dollars more per year. Annual donations rarely exceed more than 10% of the costs of running the site, with the balance being made up from my personal funds.

If Cuban Cigar Website is valuable to you and you would like it to remain online, please consider donating.

Donations of cigars (particularly new releases, regionals, or rarities) are very welcome. Any cigar that appears as a grey silhouette on the site is the highest priority cigar for me, but anything will be appreciated, as I sometimes like to smoke them too. This page contains a list of the highest priority cigars I am currently looking for.

Cigars can be mailed to:

Alexander Groom
Parcel Locker 1006963954
260 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Cash donations are also accepted via PayPal. Any amount - even $5 - will be gratefully appreciated.

PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online.


This site would not have developed without the support, contribution and encouragement of many people.

There are many individuals who have supplied extensive information and images on specialist items. Many have put in substantial time and effort. Their generous assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Many have also opened their humidors and generously gifted or traded scarce cigars to display on this website.

Finally, many thanks to the website users who have made a cash contribution towards the running and development costs of the website.

Min Ron Nee
MRN book

Special acknowledgement is made to Min Ron Nee (a nom-de-plume) for his contribution to the world of Cuban Cigars, by the publication of his magnificent book An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars.

He has very generously granted formal authorisation for me to use any of his photos from his book in on Cuban Cigar Website.

He has also provided encouragement, advice and information that has been used either directly in the website or for research purposes. These invaluable gestures are greatly appreciated.

A short review of this classic book

Reference Books

The following reference books were consulted during the development of this website. They are listed in release date order.

Copyright Policy

The following statements set out the copyright and usage policy for information and images on this website:


Linking to this website or to an individual webpage is permitted.

Duplication of page on this website is prohibited!


Information on this website may be freely used, but should not be duplicated wholesale. When it is quoted on a forum, a suitable acknowledgement is requested. When this information is used in another cigar-related website a suitable acknowledgement is required (in the form of a prominently displayed statement together with an active back-link to this website). When it is used in a book or other print publication, the source (including the URL of the site) should be acknowledged in a footnote.


All images are copyright. The use of these images (except for private, or individual, or non-commercial use) is prohibited!

Linking to individual images, for discussion purposes on an appropriate forum, is permitted.

The reason for this policy is that many of the images on this website have been provided by individuals or companies, who retain the copyright on their images.


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Any enquries should be directed to Alexander Groom, either via atgroom@cubancigarwebsite.com, or using the form below.

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