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Rudman's Complete Pocket Guide to Cigars

Theo Rudman - Fourth Edition


This is the fourth and final edition of this publication, due to the death of the author in 2005.

This edition is a small format soft-cover booklet, 190mm x 92mm in size. Some black and white images are included. It was published in 2001 and contains 400 pages.

Previous releases were a 1995 first edition, a 1996 second edition, a 1996 reprint, and a 1996 third edition.

The publication includes both World and Cuban cigars. The main Cuban cigar listing is separate from the (rest of the) world cigars (pages 117 - 174 inclusive). There are also other information sections that relate to Cuban cigars and cigars generally.

The author has reviewed and rated a substantial number of the listed cigars. Comments on the quality of the overall brands are also included.

The publication only lists (the then) current cigars; no discontinued cigars are included.

Given the reputation of the author, the review section is still valid for the cigars of that time. The short information sections provide some interesting reading.

This publication does provide useful historic snap-shot as of 2001.

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