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Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars

Richard B Perelman - Perelman, Pioneer & Company

Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars

Three editions of this book were published between 1997 and 2005. A companion book dealing with non-Cuban cigars was published most years from 1995 until 2011.

Each edition is a small format soft covered booklet, approximately A6 (153mm x 106mm) in size. Some colour images are included.

The first edition (dated 1997) was published in 1996 and contained 108 pages.

The second edition was published in 1998 and contained 164 pages.

The third edition was published in 2005 and contained 186 pages.

All publications are in the same format and contain an introduction and six information sections:

These publications do not review or rate the cigars, they purely provide information.

The cigar brands and size section list the cigars in four groups: current handmade, discontinued handmade, current machine-made, and discontinued machine made. Both current and discontinued brands are included. Details on special releases are included within each brand.

The first two editions listed the cigars by commercial name and the factory vitola name and number. The third edition uses the commercial name and shape (the factory name is no longer included).

The general information sections do provide useful summaries.

Due to the significant changes in the Habanos range after 2005, the cigar lists are largly obsolete. All editions, however, do provide useful historic snap-shots at each period of time.

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