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The Connoisseur's Guide to Havana Cigars

Gérard Père et Fils - Second Edition (English version) 1992.

This book (originally in French) was first written in 1990, and was revised in 1992 and 1997.

It is a 256 page (215mm x 130mm) hardcover book. It includes numerous colour photographs of bands, cigars, packaging, brand logos, etc.

This book comprises three sections; "How Havana cigars are made", "Choosing a Havana", and the major section, "Tasting a Havana".

The tasting section includes only handmade cigars, and includes cigar details. packaging, taste before lighting, aroma before lighting, taste when lit, aroma when lit, characteristics, and recommendations. The tasting notes, in particular the taste and aroma descriptions are considered excellent, succinct, and to the point, without any flowery elaboration.

This book represents an interesting snap-shot of cigars circa 1992. Some thirty years later, this book is well worth a read. For those interesting in grading cigars, this is a great reference.

Image & Contents of the Third 1997 Edition

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