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An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars

Min Ron Nee - First Edition, Reprinted July 2005

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars

The original English language version of this book was first published in January 2003. It is a 492 page large format (305mm x 235mm) hardcover book, printed in full colour on quality paper.

A Spanish language version, translated by José Ilario (publisher of Epicur Magazine, Spain) was released in December 2003.

A German language version, translated by Christoph Wolters, published by Rolf Schallowetz (AWM-Verlag), was released in January 2005. It contains 520 pages and includes some additional information on later releases.

A second printing of the first English language edition was published in July 2005. There was no new information in this printing, but it did include corrections to minor errors within the first printing.

This is arguably the ultimate book on post-revolutionary Havana Cigars. It is informative, scholarly, and an excellently presented reference book. An absolute must for anyone interested in Cuban cigars.

It is clearly set out in a "dictionary" format, with colour-coded printing indicating main text, authors notes, comments by Adriano Martinez Rius (Honorary Consultant), production status etc. It also includes the authors comments on tasting notes with particular reference to aging of cigars.

This first edition represents a snap-shot of the Habanos range at of 31 December 2002. Much of the current, discontinued and production status is out of date and (naturally) no post 2003 releases are included (except for the German edition), but this in no way detracts from this book.

The author (who adopts the nom de plume of "Min Ron Nee") has revealed that the original edition was somewhat of a compromise, in that some information was left out to keep the book to a manageable 500 page limit, and the publication was rushed to keep a promised deadline for the February 2003 Habanos Festival.

A fully revised second edition was scheduled to be released at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany in October 2014. This was be a special deluxe limited edition of 2,000 sets, with each set will comprising six large folio volumes, with a total of some 2,400 pages, complete with a special bamboo stand. This release has been postponed indefinitely.

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