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The Complete Guide for Habanos' Enthusiasts

Habanos s.a - April 2003

A publication released April 2003 as a joint venture between Habanos s.a and Hunters & Frankau UK.  It is still available in some parts of the world.

The publication comprises a stiff cardboard folder containing loose-leaf pages.  It comes complete with a 57 page booklet "Cultivating a Tradition of Perfection", a cardboard ring gauge, and a poster entitled "The Guide to Habanos Sizes".  There is an unofficial soft cover US reprint of this publication, that (apparently) contain no new information.

There is one loose-leaf page for each of the (then) current 33 brands, showing full size colour images of each cigar with their bands.  The pages are 165mm x 240mm which fold out to a width necessary to accommodate the full range of cigars in each brand.  Within each brand, the cigars are grouped into handmade long-filler, handmade short-filler, and machine made.

This publication is a great snap-shot of the current status of the Habanos range at the start of 2003.  It does not included any of the Special Releases.

Since publication, all of the machine-made cigars have either been discontinued or are now handmade; and the six fully machine-made brands have been discontinued.

Highly Recommended.

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