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The Habanos Size Guide Poster Set 2006

Habanos s.a

The Habanos Size Guide Poster The Habanos Size Guide Poster

A set of posters entitled "The Habanos Size Guide", released circa May 2007 as a joint venture between Habanos s.a and Hunters & Frankau UK.  It was commercially available in the UK, and at other locations in six languages.

There is one sheet each for the long-filler ring-gauge groups, i.e. heavy, standard, and slender range, and a fourth sheet covering the short-filler range.  A single large poster was also released that only included the long-filler range.

The complete set shows the full range of Habanos vitolas produced in 2006 as standard lines.  It does not included Limited Editions or Special Releases. Apart from this notation, the posters are not dated.

The posters have a full size image of each vitola (without bands), the Vitola de Galera name, the ring gauge (and equivalent mm size), the length (mm & inches) and the commercial name of every available cigar in each brand.  The posters are printed in colour on quality heavy paper.

This publication is important as it confirms several facts.

Firstly that the current range of Habanos cigar brands has been reduced to 27.

Secondly, that there is no longer any machine-made cigars in the Habanos range.

The only error is the inclusion of the Jose L Piedra Petit Cazadores, which while originally proposed for release in 2006, was not released until mid to late 2007.

This publication is a great snap-shot of the current status of the Habanos range as of 2006.

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