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Habano the King

Adriano Martinez Rius - First English Edition, 1999

The English language version of this book was published in 1999.

It is a 135 page large format (285mm x 243mm) hardcover book, printed in full colour on quality paper.  It contains numerous images including many old lithographs.

The original Spanish Edition of this book was also published in 1999.

The author, Adriano Martinez Rius, was for many years (until his retirement) a consultant to the Cuban Tobacco Industry through Cubatabaco & Habanos SA.  He was also the honorary consultant for Min Ron Nee's classic "An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolutionary Havana Cigars".

This book is written with a unique insider's knowledge of the commercial and business aspects of Habanos.  It starts at the beginning (1492) through the various centuries, with particular reference to the period from the Revolution (1959) until the date the book was written (1998).

This publication represent a snap-shot of the Habanos history up to 1998.

If you are interested in the commercial development of Cuban cigars, this book is well worth a read.

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