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Cultivating a Tradition of Perfection

Habanos s.a - September 2002


A publication released in September 2002 as a joint venture between Habanos s.a and Hunters & Frankau UK.

The publication comprises a soft-cover 57 page booklet "Cultivating a Tradition of Perfection", a cardboard ring gauge, and a poster entitled "The Guide to Habanos Sizes". It is available separately or as part of "The Complete Guide for Habanos Enthusiasts".

The booklet covers the tobacco growing process, the manufacture of the cigars, finishing & packaging, box markings and much more. It is 165mm x 240mm in size, full colour, and printed on quality paper.

This publication is a great snap-shot of tobacco and cigar production, as well as an introduction into other aspects of Habanos cigars, as of 2002. It confirms that the hand-finishing of machine-made cigars had been fully discontinued by this time.

Since publication, the machine making of cigars within the Habanos range has been discontinued.

The tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing process is still reasonably current. The main changes have been the introduction of longer leaf aging, introduction of suction/ draw machines, and freezing of the final cigars for pest control.

An excellent publication. Recommended.

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