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Cigar Name
Vitola de Salida
Belinda Belvederes  1989 - Discontinued 2003
Bolívar Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2003
Bolívar Especiales (1)  pre-1960 - Discontinued mid-1970s
Cabañas Belvederes  1989 - Discontinued 2005
H. Upmann Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2003
La Corona Belvederes  1989 - Discontinued 1999
La Escepción Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
La Gloria Cubana Turquinos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1970s
Partagás Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002
Partagás Habaneros  pre-1960
Por Larrañaga Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued early-1990s
Punch Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued c2002
Ramón Allones Belvederes  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Romeo y Julieta Belvederes  pre-1960
Romeo y Julieta Favoritas  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
Romeo y Julieta Regalías de La Habana  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002
Caney Royal Palms  1970s - Discontinued 1977
H. Upmann Culebras  pre-1960 - Discontinued early-1980s
La Flor del Caney Especiales  c1980 - Discontinued 1980s
Partagás Culebras  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Partagás Culebras
2007 - La Casa del Habano Exclusivo
Partagás Culebras
1999 - Siglo XXI Millennium Humidor
Romeo y Julieta Culebras  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002
Bolívar Coronas Largas  pre-1960 - Discontinued mid-1970s
Partagás Palmas Reales  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1970s
Partagás Toppers  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002
Ramón Allones Delgados  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
Ramón Allones Toppers  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2001
Ramón Allones Toppers
1999 - Siglo XXI Millennium Humidor
Romeo y Julieta Montagues  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002
Partagás Fancy Tales of Smoke  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1970s

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