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Cuban Cigar Common Names

"Common Names" for cigars is the practice of calling all cigars of a vaguely similar size by the same "common name." They are only used by hobbyists and the non-Cuban cigar industry, and never feature in official materials from Habanos S.A. or Cubatabaco.

The list below is loosely based on Paul Garmirian's 1990 List, but updated and restructured specifically for Cuban cigars.

Common Name Shape Ring
Giant Perfecto Giant Perfecto All 200+
Double Perfecto Double Perfecto 170 to 199
Perfecto Perfecto 130 to 169
Petit Perfecto Petit Perfecto up to 129
Double Pyramid Double Pyramid All 170+
Pyramid Pyramid 136 to 169
Petit Pyramid Petit Pyramid up to 135
Culebra Culebras All any
Giant Robusto Giant Robusto 50+ 200+
Double Robusto Double Robusto 160 to 199
Robusto Extra Robusto Extra 140 to 159
Robusto Robusto 120 to 139
Petit Robusto Petit Robusto up to 119
Churchill Churchill 47 178
Giant Corona Giant Corona 45 - 49 200+
Double Corona Double Corona 170 to 199
Grand Corona Grand Corona 140 to 169
Corona Extra Corona Extra up to 139
Lonsdale Lonsdale 40 - 44 160+
Long Corona Long Corona 145 to 159
Corona Corona 131 to 144
Petit Corona Petit Corona up to 130
Panetela Longa Long Panetela 35 - 39 170+
Panetela Panetela 140 to 169
Short Panetela Short Panetela up to 139
Slim Panetela Slim Panetela up to 34 140+
Small Panetela Small Panetela up to 139
Cigarillo Cigarillo up to 29 up to 109
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