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Don Cándido


Brand Notes

Don Cándido is a Discontinued pre-revolution made for exclusively distribution by Alfred Dunhill of London.
Alfred Dunhill of London had three Exclusive Brands that were discontinued in 1982 when the Cuban Dunhill brand was introduced.

It was discontinued in 1982 when the Dunhill brand was created.

Cigar Bands


Standard Band A
Late 1960s to 1982 -- Discontinued

Typical Packaging

image image image image image
Discontinued Cigars
Don Cándido
Lonsdales Cervantes 42 x 165 Lonsdale image SBN25c.
Selección No.500 Unknown ~48 x ~165 Grand Corona image SBN25, BN50, BN100.
Selección No.501 Cervantes 42 x 165 Lonsdale image SBN25, b2.
Selección No.502 Marevas 42 x 129 Petit Corona image SBN25 (2 & 4 layers).
Selección No.503 Unknown ? ?   SBN50.
Selección No.504 Campanas 52 x 140 Pyramid image SBN25.
Selección No.505 Entreactos 30 x 100 Small Panetela image SBN25.
Selección No.506 Coronas Gordas 46 x 143 Grand Corona image SBN25, SLB50.
Selección No.508 Panetelas Largas 28 x 175 Slim Panetela image SBN25.
Short Coronas Marevas 42 x 129 Petit Corona image SBN25c.
Cigars: Handmade.
Bands: Standard band A.
Status: Pre-1960s releases. Discontinued 1982.

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