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Sandard Bands

Standard Band A Image Standard Band A
Pre-1960s to c2002 -- Discontinued
Bolívar text is in Serif script. - Embossed.

Standard Band B Image Standard Band B
c2002 to late 2009 -- Discontinued
Bolivar text is in Sans-serif script.
New crisp embossing die.

Standard Band C Image Standard Band C
For Special Releases 2006 on -- Current
For Standard Releases late 2009 on -- Current

Cuba added below Habana. Embossed.

Standard Band D - For Slender Ring Cigars Image Standard Band D - For Slender Ring Cigars
c2009 on -- Current
No "Habana Cuba" text. Embossed.

Special Bands

Centenary Selection Band Image Centenary Selection Band

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