Packaging Abbreviations

P - Packaging Type
n - Number of Cigars
c - Cigar Finish/Presentation
B25at  =  Dress Box of 25 cigars in aluminium tubes

Full Details of Cuban Cigar Packaging
Explanation of the Official Habanos Packaging Codes.

P - Packaging Type - First part of the abbreviation
B Dress Box
SLB Slide Lid Box
vSLB Varnished Slide Lid Box
SBN Semi Boite Nature Box
vSBN Varnished Semi Boite Nature Box
BN Boite Nature Box
vBN Varnished Boite Nature Box
bBN Black Lacquered Boite Nature Box
v898B Varnished 898 Box
898B 898 Box
Cajón Cajón
Hum Humidor
Cab Varnished Cabinet
bCab Black Lacquered Cabinet
Spec Special Box
Bun Cellophane Bundle
CB Cardboard Box
RCB Rigid Cardboard Box
P Cardboard Pack
J Ceramic Jar
GJ Glass Jar
PC Plastic Can
MT Metal Tin
AP Aluminium Pack
MP Metal Pack
TH Travel Humidor
n - Total Number of Cigars - Second part of the abbreviation
 number For example: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 25, 50, 100.
C - Cigar Finish/Presentation - Third part of the abbreviation
(blank) Plain Cigar
c Cellophane Sleeved
cw Cedar Wrapped
tw Tissue Wrapped
af Aluminium Foil Wrapped
gf Gold Foil Wrapped
cwc Cedar Wrapped & Cellophane Sleeved
at Aluminium Tube
ht Humidified Tube
gt Glass Tube
pt Plastic Tube
ct Cedar Tube
p Cardboard Box
slb Small SLB Timber Box
vslb Varnished Small SLB Timber Box
afslb Boxed & Aluminium Foil Wrapped
culebras Small bundle of three intertwined cigars
bun Cellophane Bundle
afbun Aluminium Foil Bundle
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