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Cigar Name
Vitola de Salida
Bolívar Chicos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Bolívar Palmitas  pre-1960 - Discontinued mid-1970s
Cabañas Coronitas  1989 - Discontinued 2003
Caney Canapé  1970s - Discontinued 1977
Cifuentes Cubanitos  pre-1960 - Discontinued early-1990s
Cifuentes Emboquillados No.5  pre-1960 - Discontinued early-1990s
Cifuentes Habanitos  pre-1960 - Discontinued early-1990s
El Rey del Mundo Epicures  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1970s
El Rey del Mundo Variedades  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
Guantanamera Puritos  2002
La Corona Coronitas  1989 - Discontinued 1999
La Flor del Caney Canapé  c1980 - Discontinued 1980s
Partagás Besadoras  pre-1960 - Discontinued late-1970s
Partagás Besadoras (M)
pre-1960 - Assorted Humidor
Partagás Bonitos Extra Mild  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
Partagás Chicos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Partagás Demi Tip  pre-1960 - Discontinued 1980s
Por Larrañaga Curritos  pre-1960 - Discontinued c1990s
Por Larrañaga Juanitos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Punch Cigarillos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Puritos Cohiba Shorts  2017
Puritos Guantanamera Puritos  
Puritos H. Upmann Puritos  
Puritos La Gloria Cubana Puritos  
Puritos Montecristo Puritos  
Puritos Partagás Chicos  
Puritos Partagás Serie Puritos  
Puritos Quintero Puritos  
Puritos Romeo y Julieta Puritos  
Puritos San Luis Rey Puritos  
Puritos Trinidad Shorts  2018
Quintero Puritos  pre-1960 - Discontinued c2005
Quintero Puritos
1999 - Siglo XXI Millennium Humidor
Ramón Allones Bits of Havana  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2005
Ramón Allones Bits of Havana
1999 - Siglo XXI Millennium Humidor
Romeo y Julieta Chicos  pre-1960 - Discontinued 2002

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